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Jennifer Gargotto

MsQuotations is a sister site to my blog, MsMorphosis. The philosophy behind MsMorphosis has always been “fearless thinking for the modern miss,” highlighting all the different aspects of womanhood – our psyches, our sexuality, our intuitions and fears, our education, our growth, and our imperfections. Since I know we all need quite a bit of inspiration, or little morsels of quotation comfort food now and then, I wanted to create a companion site that would be purely famous quotes. I’ve handpicked every quote on this site – every one is one that I think is funny, inspiring, or fantastic enough to print and put on my wall or send to a friend. I hope you enjoy them and comment on them and social share them.

Feel free to email me your own quotes (or thoughts, or musings, or anything) at MsMorphosis@gmail.com.

Thanks for being here. Seriously.

<3 Jen (MsMorphosis)


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